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A website about how I set up my old, small, two-car garage for metal fabrication, carpentry and automotive work.

Tour's Over -- There's the Door


Well, we’re just about out of garage now.

I used 1” foam insulation on the door, partly for heat reasons, and partly for sound. It doesn’t do a lot to reduce sound. But it’s better.


I painted the foam with the wall color and then painted the aluminum parts of the door brown. It’s got kind of a Japanese feel to it, now.

Up above the door, I built some storage shelves for boxes and such. I also store my wing and other aero pieces for my car on track days. Here’s the view from below:


And here’s a movie that shows how the door goes up and passes above the light bar and below the storage.

So that’s the end of the tour. Thanks for making it all the way through.

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